All Work and No Play Makes Kelsey A Dull Girl…Until Now!

You may have noticed that I’ve been missing in action for the past few weeks. And by “you” I’m referring to my parents — the only people that actually read this blog (thanks Mom and Dad). Against all advice from social media know-it-alls, my blog has been in hiatus since March.

Why? Because I’ve spent the past few weeks fine-tuning my portfolio, breaking all socially acceptable hygiene guidelines, and resisting the urge to poke my eyes out while I wait for video files to render. As I pour myself another cup of coffee at 4 a.m, I think to myself “this is my life” and then go back to slaving away with the other advertising students who brought sleeping bags to the computer labs.

Yet aside from the “woe is me” sagas I tend to dramatize, it will all be worth it soon. Tomorrow, I’m headed for the Big Apple to participate in Creative Week. 60 University of Oregon advertising kids and three faculty members will join me. Luckily for you, this means less cynical posts about insomnia, and more uplifting blog posts about my experience. So, you’ve got the glass half-full to look forward to!

Our incredible professors managed to get us three pages worth of itinerary, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m visiting DDB, Big Spaceship, McGarry Bowen, Strawberry Frog, JWT, Wieden+Kennedy, Jet Blue, and MediaVest to get a taste of agency culture. We’ll also participate in the Student Exhibit, unConference, and hopefully kick some arse in the ping pong tournament. I can’t express how blessed and thankful I am for this opportunity.

While I’m there, the other students and I will be documenting our experience via the UONYC Blog and also on Twitter. Be sure to follow the hashtag #UONYC12 for updates!

Until then, I’ll be scouring the subways, trying to find the Cash Cab, and eating questionable street hot dogs!

Check out that nerd…At least this New York trip I won’t have to wear a dorky outfit paired with a lanyard.