Baby Steps

I’m usually good at keeping my word. However, when it comes to resolutions, I’ve never been successful. Ever. And I probably never will be.

Let’s take a little gander at last year’s “New Year’s Resolution” blog post. Ahh, 2012 — I was bright eyed and dreamy about how I would really accomplish it all and prove all those naysayers wrong. This is the year, I’m tellin’ ya!

Welp, it’s 2013 now. Did I stick to any of those resolutions? NOPE!

It was great in theory, but who was I kidding with “20 crunches and 5 push-ups everyday, no excuses!”…Have I met myself? I never do the same thing in one day. You’re probably sitting there with a smirk and raised eyebrow thinking “hah, classic Kelsey — never finishing what she starts!

I’ve always been like this. I pick up a new interest, decide it’s my life passion, and then a couple weeks later forget about it when I move onto the next adventure. This is why my dad still complains about the various junk that collects dust in our garage from years of accumulating new “hobbies”.

This year, I’m not going to come up with some extravagant promise to ______ every single day because I finally admit to myself (and the internet) that I won’t do it. Instead of a resolution, I’m going to take baby steps in 2013.

My first baby step starts with this blog. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about successful blogging but I rarely practice what I preach. My blog is a goldfish that I neglect for weeks while I’m on vacation and pray that it’s not floating dead at the surface when I return. It’s a mess of stories, advice, and digital musings with no real consistency. What it lacks in focus, it makes up for in wordiness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to flush this fish down the toilet and start fresh. I’m merely going to work on improving as I move forward. I’ve got some gems in the archives, but I reckon this ol’ barn needs a fresh coat of paint (see what I did there? Since I changed the design? har-har).

So, I will try to blog more. I will break up text with images. I will categorize, tag, and organize to my heart’s content. I will try to make it more concise just because I care about your straining eyes as you read through my 500+ word posts. But instead of promising that I will do all of these things, I will take it with baby steps.

Improvement is a learning process. And while I’m gagging myself with a spoon as I bring myself to an ultimate low point of quoting a Kardashian, her words ring true:

“Don’t wait until New Years to make changes in your life. You’re capable of doing that every day.”

Thanks Kim, for your monotone words of wisdom. With that, I’ll end my 486 word blog post…Baby steps.