Take THAT, book buybacks!

My fists pumped in excitement as I exited my last creative writing class. Deep down, I was secretly holding back tears because I truly enjoyed every moment BUT the end of classes means that I can return my books for some sah-weet moolah (which I desperately need, if you read my  post about my online shopping addiction).

These days, I purchase my books in a digital format to save money. However, there are always those exceptions — my creative writing textbook — unavailable in eBooks format. At the beginning of the term, I paid $107.00 for the book (yes, my mouth dropped when I saw the price tag too). I strolled into the bookstore with confidence, thinking that I would at least get $50 back.

I slapped my book on the table smirking at my impending satisfaction, and gave the lady a “here ya go” wink.

“So, it looks like we can’t take this book back.”

My reaction:

“There’s slight water damange”

I wanted to shove the bookshelves over and scream, “OBVIOUSLY THERE IS WATER DAMAGE!!! WE LIVE IN OREGON YOU @#*%” but of course, I responded awkwardly with “Oh…Thank you” and walked out.

My hopes were shattered, but not all was lost. There was still the Smith Family Bookstore! Good ol’ neighborhood bookstore. They would take my book back! Right…?


“Hmm…Let me check and see if we have this book in stock.” (They Didn’t)

“Well…I can offer you…Eight dollars for this”


I almost felt like a criminal for having a book with water damage. Clearly, my book just wasn’t good enough for anyone even though the so-called “water damage” was minimal. Sad, depressed, and money-less, I walked home like this:

Then, I realized there is one thing I can ALWAYS count on…THE INTERNET! Huzzah!

I raced home, and started an Amazon seller account.

There aren’t many brands that I am a “die-hard” supporter of,  but Amazon truly takes the cake. Amazon has always been praised as a good brand, but the reason behind their success is due to their usability. I’ve never sold anything online before because I assumed it was too complicated. However, Amazon makes it extremely easy. They sell your product for you, they manage the shipping and handling for you, and you walk away with a happy transaction without breaking a sweat.

What Amazon does isn’t new. The difference is that they view customers as people. They make things relevant to us, and they make things easy. Other brands should start to take note.


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