Hitting the Iceberg: My Run-In with Online Shopping Addiction

It’s no secret that I’m pretty impulsive with my purchasing. For some reason, I convince myself that I do need things like head massagers and pirate eye patches. If you ever let me roam free in Hirons, I’ll come out with a truck load of useless purchases.

For this reason, I’ve stayed away from online shopping. Until one fateful day…
It started as a normal sunday afternoon. I woke up and began my usual morning routine of surfing the internet before any forms of human interaction, as usual. I proceeded to google puppies, as usual. I started to play my turn on the Draw Something app on my iPad. And that’s when it all went downhill.
The word was “ICEBERG”. I thought nothing of it, and proceeded to draw an elaborate portrait of Jack and Rose holding each other exclaiming that they would never let go aboard the Titanic. Little did I know that I would eventually hit that metaphorical iceburg and send myself into the chilling, deathly waters known as online shopping.
I NEVER click on advertisements in applications, unless it’s accidental. But you got me this time. Oh, you got me good. I put the final touches on my masterpiece and accidentally clicked an advertisement, which lead me to an application called Coffee Table.
I was about to click out, when I saw that this app could be somewhat cool. It intrigued me because it’s an app that puts various store catalogs into a digital format. The app even includes special deals like free shipping based on the catalog that you’re viewing.
My childhood nostalgia for the PB teen catalog combined with my early morning drowsiness caused me to download the app. Fast forward to thirty minutes later, and the next thing I know I’m racking up my credit card bills because I want to get the free shipping deal. I fell into your trap, you sneaky marketers. I hit the iceberg.
But was it really a trap? No. What it was — and the reason why I believe this app is so successful — was the usability. This application lets users view catalogs in a digital format, and then you can easily purchase items with a single click. It’s connected with Paypal, and so it is extremely easy to buy within seconds (and extremely detrimental to your wallet).
Instead of hassling with a phone call and placing your order, the purchase is completed within seconds, all with a flick of your finger. It encites consumers by putting all of the catalogs in one layout, and also providing deals that are relevant to you. The application is successful because it recognizes consumer lifestyles, and makes things easy.
 Everything is shifting towards mobile.  It’s crucial that companies understand that if you want to be successful in mobile, you need to make it easy. As my professor explained, “if you have to explain how to use it, you’ve already failed.”
So, I applaud you, Coffee Table. While the app may be the reason behind my sinking bank account ship (don’t you love all of the sea metaphors?) they understand the way I use technology, and I purchased items I didn’t anticipate because it was so easy.
Now, if you need me, I’ll be trying to find a job to repair the damage I’ve done to my dear Titanic.

One thought on “Hitting the Iceberg: My Run-In with Online Shopping Addiction

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