A Week of Googling

This morning, I began my usual morning routine of surfing the internet before any forms of human interaction. My life is sad and embarrassing in that the internet is the first thing I turn to when I wake up, but I digress…

Much to my parent’s dismay and complete disapproval, I’ve recently decided that I desperately need a puppy in my life. I spent all last night and all this morning google searching puppies, adoption, and the like.

How could you say no to that face??

Don’t fret mom and dad, I won’t actually buy a puppy because I know I’m too irresponsible and poor for the time being BUT the whole situation reminded me of the 2009 Google Superbowl commercial that brought me to tears, and still remains one of my favorites.

The cursor blinks. The piano cues. The typing begins, and we’re transported into a beautiful love story via Google searches.

What do my Google searches say about me? I decided to investigate. I went through my browser history for the past week and recorded all of my recent Google searches:

SUNDAY March 4, 2012

Puppies. Adopting puppies. Hipping urban dictionary. Schiperke. New York City. Stuff to do in New York City. Weiner dog. Dachshund. Puppies. Adopt Dogs Eugene. Baby Animals. Oregon Humane Society. Puppies. Mutt Ad agency. Rush Limbaugh. Draw Something app. Multifaceted definition. Creative week New York.

SATURDAY March 3, 2012

Swedish meatball recipe. Facebook. Twitter. Facebook. San Francisco. Jobs in San Francisco. W+K. What agency did JCP rebrand. JCP Ad agency. Wieden Kennedy. Ad agencies. List of Ad Agencies in San Francisco. Tribal San Francisco. Ad Age. Top ad agencies. Best agencies to work for.

FRIDAY March 2, 2012

Morningside Inn New York. Manhattan New York. #FB. XO Urban Dictionary. Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose. Shakira Attacked by Sea Lion. Writing Manifestos

THURSDAY March 1, 2012

Grammar Effects vs Affects. Cliche. Well known Cliches. Adding slideshow to cargo website. How to add keynote to cargo website. Hulu. Watching TV online. Oregon Ducks Basketball Score 3/1/12. Sleeping problems? Identifying sleeping issues. Insomnia. Lack of sleep. How to sleep.

WEDNESDAY February 29, 2012

Leap Day. Hostels New york city. Snooki Baby. 30 Rock Leap Day episode. Usher new song climax.

TUESDAY February 28, 2012

(**Note: I was working on a class project this day – I swear I’m not a creep looking up underwear!)

Awkward gifts. Underwear. Awkward underwear gift. gifts. Bad gift to receive. Worst gift ever. Giftiki. Gum. Gumball machine. Dynamic vs static advertising. What do you want a large amount of. Whatsoever a word? Falsetto. YOLO. American Idol finalists. Attitude. Outlandish. Synonyms attitude. Irks. The Rock

MONDAY February 27, 2012

sex and the city cw new show? originality. Roosevelt hotel New York. Sex and the city episodes. Craig Smith blazers. Ohio School Shooting. Stop the Violence program. University of Oregon. School of Journalism and Communication UO.

So, clearly my life is not as romantic as the commercial, but I found it fascinating to see what my searches say about me (besides the fact that I’m a neurotic insomniac that desperately needs the unconditional love of a puppy and relies on urban dictionary for street credentials).

I noticed that Google searches truly have an archival aspect to them. Most of the things I searched were relevant to my life at the moment. For example, I will travel to New York in May and most searches related to the trip. On Wednesday, I worked on a project that caused me to search for strange things like “underwear gifts” (I swear, your honor, it was for learning purposes!). My numerous searches of puppy adoptions also hint at the fact that I tend to impulse buy…

I also found it interesting that I searched for websites on Google instead of going to the website URL. Instead of typing in “Hulu.com” or “Facebook.com,” I googled it. It seems strange to think about now, but while in the moment, it seemed like second nature to type it into Google rather than a URL.

I noticed that instead of saying “I searched for it”, I automatically say “Google it”. Google has turned into a verb, and  completely consumed our idea of online searches.

Now, a life without Google seems almost impossible to me. I use it even for the simplest searches. I think my dependence on Google has a lot to say about the shifts in our culture.

I’m not sure if this new “search culture” is a good thing or a bad thing. It may be good that we can easily access copious amounts of information with a simple search, but has it made us too impatient to discover answers on our own? I get easily frustrated when I can’t find a quick answer on Google. I’ve become dependent on Google for many aspects of my life, from finding restaurant phone numbers to navigating streets.

How will this affect the way we learn and behave in the future? What would happen if Google ever shut down (cue horror movie screams and visions of apocalypse)?

Until then, I’ll just focus on googling puppies and maybe someday finding a parisian love of my own.

This is Trey, the puppy I wanted to adopt after hours of Google searching

UPDATE: I’m not the only one!


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