19. Company Culture

A few weeks ago, our class had the privilege of listening to Dave Allen, Director of Interactive Strategy at NORTH. I could write a novel of a blog post about how great Dave’s lecture was, but I’ll save it for another time because luckily I was able to snag a spot in his Digital Social Branding class, and I assume that many future blog posts will come from his wisdom.

After spending some time on NORTH’s website, there was one thing in particular that I really admired: they have a page dedicated to their company culture.

It seems simple. Most people would probably look over this page on the website and quickly move onto the “work” or “contact” tab. However, this “culture” tab is something that companies should look into.

As a prospective employee, company culture is the top priority on my list. What is the company like? What are their values? How do employees act? Like most employers and employees, I want to know if I would fit in at the company. Over the summer, I asked some industry professionals how to know what agency was right for me, and each told me to spend some time on a particular agency’s website to get a grasp of their company culture. You would be surprised to find how many places neglect this aspect.

How can I find out if I would fit in at a company if they do not make it easy for me to experience? There is only so much information that I can gather through their work or short biographies of the people who work there. A mission statement or “about” page only skims the surface. I want to know what each day is like at that agency — how they collaborate; how they live.

NORTH does a fabulous job of this. Instead of merely copying and pasting a statement, they provide beautiful aesthetics that give you a true sense of the agency. They have a video that shows various scenes of the office. Not only does their “people” page show the job titles, but it gives you a sense of what the person is like. They also have a section that features art projects that employees created.

We hear it all the time in advertising in relation to user experience: “make it easy for them“. NORTH does this. If other agencies want to become powerhouses of great talent and wonderful people, they should hop on the bandwagon.

North's Company Ideology


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