5. Seven Billion

Normally, I spend hours perfecting my blog posts but I am so hyped up on inspiration and borderline restraining-order type obsession that I felt a sincere need to write about it.

It’s 12:14 AM. I’m slouched down in my bed listening to the pitter-patter of rain on my window, thinking about how fortunate I am that I get to lie in the safety and coziness of flannel sheets (Only $20 at Target in the seasonal section – that’s what I call a steal). Usually, this would be a dizzying moment where I am about to shut my eyes and fall asleep. However, my roommate just knocked on my door.

In a typical scenario, I would open one eye, extend my worst and most intimidating glare while I mumble “what do you want” in a mid-exorcism baritone. Yet, this time she really had a purpose. My roommate showed me one of the coolest viral videos I have ever seen, and I feel the need to share it on every possible outlet.

There are so many things that I absolutely love about this project that I can’t even put it into words, let alone a single blog post. Maybe I feel enthralled by this video because of my undying obsession with facts. Maybe it’s the catchy robotic jingle that is semi-reminiscent of my favorite childhood video game, The Sims. But most likely, its the fact that THIS is the kind of branding that can change the world. This is the type of campaign that all brands need to do. This is something that deserves recognition and praise.

National Geographic set clear philosophies and ideologies, and carried it out by a beautifully articulate video and year-long project discussing world population. They even created an app that explores the challenges and potential solutions for a growing world.

Another video within same project says,

“We don’t take up as much room as you think. Standing shoulder to shoulder, all seven billion of us would fill the city of Los Angeles. So, it’s not space we need — It’s balance.”

They artfully balance truth with inspiration. Each video ends with potential solutions and ideas that can make our planet a better place in the future. The key message in this entire project is that National Geographic recognizes that it is more than just the brand – it’s about changing the world. 

I love how thought provoking and inspirational this 7 billion project is. Already my mind is buzzing with ideas – it fascinates me how similar humans are but at the same time we are so individually unique. How can we work together and collaborate to make our world a better place? National Geographic is on the right track – what’s next?


One thought on “5. Seven Billion

  1. I’m with you. That is one great video! Only five years ago, it probably woudln’t have been made, or seen. Can you imagine what we’ll be making and seeing five years in the future? I can hardly wait. My faith is in that 28 year old ‘typical’ mind.

    Thanks for forwarding.

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