If you are an avid follower of my blog (which I would guess you are not since I only have one subscriber and it is myself…), you may notice that I gave my blog an extreme makeover! Ty Pennington was here, there was a huge ceremony, I cried, etc. You missed it…


That’s right folks – things are stewin’ and brewin’ over here. It’s my final year at college (panic attack?)  and it’s all starting to come together. I am especially excited about my advertising class, Creative Strategist, because it provides me with a hefty dose of daily inspiration. As a fortunate member this melting pot of ideas known as J456, I will start numbering my blog posts. I just thought I should let my dear readers know about my format and blog title change.

I’m molding into a young professional, and as such I will make this blog a little bit more focused on my passions: stories, technology, social media,  and of course advertising. Here and there, some posts may be sprinkled with random goodness but for the most part I will blog about those topics. Off we go!


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