New Technology Runs Skin Deep

Ahh, how nice to see my dedicated fans again (and by fans, I mean my parents and the occasional internet aficionado who happened to misspell the wordpress address they were actually looking for). Yes, blogosphere, it is true: I’m back from studying abroad in Spain.

I had the time of my life across the pond! You can read about it here, if you didn’t get a chance yet. However, don’t get your hopes up – this post isn’t about my embarrassing childhood or the impending doom of 2012. Those posts are in progress. Patience is a virtue, my friends. But for now, I must discuss this crazy alien mind-blowing malarkey:

Upon my arrival back to the United States (3 months ago…Hey, I’ve been busy dealing with culture shock and the realization that Crocs are somehow acceptable to wear in public) I discovered this:

WTF (why the face), right!?

The concept is indeed intriguing. Technology has completely altered our social habits. It’s no secret that the Y-generation will most likely find love via dating sites due to our lack of ability to have real-life conversations as a result of endless hours glued to the computer screen. Sadly, our etiquette has completely deteriorated into cyberspace. I can’t count the number of times I have been “hanging out with friends” only to realize that we are really just sitting in the same room twiddling away on our phones and not speaking. The life I lead…

This new Skin Display idea claims it will change our social habits for the better, allowing users to revisit that oh-so-ancient concept of actually talking to each other face-to-face. Users are capable of setting the “priority” of messages, and checking the availability of friends. However, the most appealing and fascinating part of Skin Display is that it has the power to mark messages onto skin, for more discreet message viewing.

But can imprinting messages on our bodies really reverse the damage that has been done?

Or, will we still continue disregarding our manners because we are too busy reading our embossed corpses?

What do you think? Is this concept a viable option in the future or is it just a strange trend?


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