The Future of Technology

A random fact about myself is that I love facts. Love may even be an understatement.

Each day I receive a daily fact sent to my phone (side note: today’s fact was the United States has over 12,000 banks). I also keep a bookmark on Naturally, my obsession with facts caused me to stumble upon the following videos:

After viewing these videos, it made me question the future of my generation, and our use of technology.

For me, technology almost seems like second nature. I was about 5 years old when my dad asked me what I wanted my America Online Screenname to be while we were dining at Speedy Linguine. Now the thought of my life without technology seems almost impossible.

My parents (bless their souls) are almost completely unable to use technology. To their credit, they are getting better. However this improvement is only a result of numerous tutorials where I was forced to answer tedious question after question. My grandma does not even own a computer, and she is one of the only people I know who still uses the 1990’s style phone that looks like a cement brick with numbers.

This makes me wonder what technology will be available in the future. Will I struggle with staying up to date and understanding new technology?
I had this discussion with my dad, and he believes that I will fall behind the curve because the technology in the future will be too overwhelming. I think that since my generation basically came out of the womb with a laptop in hand, I will not struggle with innovations in technology. Since I already know the basics, I will not have to start from scratch like the baby-boomer generation. What do you think?


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