Just What the World Needs…Another Blog!

It was 7th grade. The days when pimples were a devastating discovery (actually, they still are…), it was cool say “like” at least twenty times before finishing the end of your sentence, and the middle school hallways wreaked of prepubescence. I had my first crush, and I was giddy with the excitement of seeing him across the way at the local football game. As I made my way over, I saw my friend (“WHO DIDNT EVEN LIKE HIM!” as I explained dramatically to my mom) flirting up a storm with my heart throb. Devastated, I immediately went home to fume in my (you guessed it) Live Journal. Ahh, Live Journals. The pre-myspace Internet archive for preteens. Yes, I wrote poems about my anguish. Yes, I posted a link to these poems to my buddyprofile on AIM. And yes, I am still embarrassed about it.

Unlike the babyboomer generation, I am part of the infamous digital generation. We didn’t just write in a journal. Instead, we published it so the entire world could see. Good idea, right?

Since then, I have come to understand the consequences of publishing to a public space. I will admit that it took me a while to learn this (hence, 7th grade mistakes), but I think I finally got the gist of it. Don’t get me wrong. The Internet is a GREAT tool. As most people know, I have a severe addiction to social media. However, many people (especially those in my generation) constantly forget that the Internet is a public domain in which all users have access to the same material. People must be more conscious of what they post online. Also, no one REALLY cares if you tweet about how delicious your poppyseed bagel is (just throwing that out there).

With that said, I want to lay down a few ground rules, and tell readers more about the intention of this blog.

1.) My main goal is to post with purpose. Maybe I will achieve this, and maybe not. But regardless, I will try. This blog is not academic, but I will try to post things that broaden discussion (instead of complaining about the tragedy of teen years like I used to)

2.) I’m a normal human being, therefore I will probably post most (rhyme!) about things that catch my attention.

3.) I’m am not a budding grammarian. My biggest enemy is passive voice. In my free-flow of thoughts, I tend to speak in passive voice when I do not double check my work. I care about grammar rules, and I try to use proper english. But, referring back to rule #2, I am a normal human being, and I tend to make mistakes. Also, you should note that I constantly put things in parenthesis. This is a stylization tactic and I do not know why I do this…but I do! And yes…I know I have a bad habit of overusing the ellipses…..

4.) I believe in tolerance, acceptance, and world peace. You may say that I’m a dreamer (cue inspirational music) but I hold true to my values. I am moderating this blog, and any comments that I feel are inappropriate I will delete.

5.) I am making a 5th rule only because I like ending on multiples of 5.

Oh, and for the record, I deleted my livejournal a long time ago…


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